Your Range Day Checklist


If you’re a new shooter you may be unsure of what you need to pack but don’t worry, here’s our list of gear you should take with you.

Shooting mat

Shooting mats are essential if you intend to shoot while laying on the ground. If the temperature is low, or if the ground is damp or covered in gravel you’ll be uncomfortable, covered in dirt and your accuracy could be affected. British weather can be especially temperamental so be sure to choose a water proof shooting mat.


A target practice day won’t be any fun at all if you have nothing to shoot with! Your shooting range ammunition shouldn’t be too expensive, it should, however, be dependable and work well with your gun. If you’re a beginner be sure to do some research beforehand.

Eye protection

Eye protection isn’t always mandatory but there are a lot of clubs that won’t allow you to shoot without it. Sunglasses do not count as eye protection, be sure to buy shatterproof goggles or glasses that meet health and safety standards. They will not only provide you with vital protection, but certain lens tints can also improve your accuracy!

Ear protection

Ear protection is mandatory! It’s no secret that the shooting range is a noisy place and you won’t want to damage your hearing! Be sure to invest in a high-quality pair of headphones or earplugs – some people even choose to wear both. You may also want to bring extra in case somebody else forgets theirs!

Portable cleaning kit

Regardless of how well you take care of your firearm at home, the time may come when you need to give it a quick service at the shooting range. Keep a small but practical cleaning kit and some gun oil with you to ensure your gun continues to run smoothly.

First Aid Kit

Most if not all clubs will have their own first aid kit but you should consider getting one anyway for obvious reasons. Don’t let your first aid kit or trauma kit fall down to the bottom of your range bag, it should be a place where you’ll be able to find and retrieve it quickly. You may even want to consider attaching a large key ring or a brightly coloured piece of material to help you find it faster.

Extra summer equipment

We may not get the best weather in the UK but during the summer months, you’ll want to add a few more things to your bag to ensure you have a good experience. Be sure to take a hat, insect repellent, sunscreen and water along to the range in the summer.

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