Five things to look for when buying a leather bag


There aren’t many things more sophisticated or elegant than a good quality leather bag.

When it comes to purchasing a great leather bag or any leather product for that matter, many people assume that a high price is a good indicator of quality. Now, higher-quality bags will, of course, be cost more, but that’s not to say that a quality product has to be expensive. In fact, there are big brands who will charge much more just because of their name and it doesn’t necessarily mean that their product is the best.

So if you’re in the market for a new leather bag, don’t be fooled by big-name brands. Be a smart shopper instead and educate yourself on the product, here are five things you should look for when buying a leather bag.


Just like if you were buying a leather jacket or a pair of leather shoes, you want to be sure that the leather is of good quality.

The best quality leather should develop a weathered, aged look. This isn’t something you’ll find with lower quality leathers which have been heavily treated. Check the leather grade and the edges to make sure there’s no paint hiding any blemishes.

Country of origin

Often enough, the origin of the leather can determine the quality of the product. Countries that consistently produce top quality leather goods include Italy, France, the USA and the UK.


Before purchasing a leather bag, make sure to check all the hardware such as buckles, locks, rings and zips to check that they’re good quality and all work properly. Even small parts like poppers should be examined. It would be annoying to spend a lot of money on a bag only to find out the zip doesn’t close or a buckle is crooked.

You should also inspect the stitching and the seams inside of the bag. They should be strong and not tear easily or fall apart under pressure.

You’re paying for quality, so the seams and stitching should not only be strong, but neat as well. The best leather bags are professional works of art, the stitching needs to be straight and precise. Good stitching should be barely noticeable and any loose threads are an absolute no go.

Lastly, make sure that the handles, straps and pockets are secure. The straps and handles will need to support the weight of the bag and all its contents, so it’s really no good if they’re weak or low quality. Straps should be attached to the bag itself through reinforced stitching; they shouldn’t just be glued on. If they are glued on, you risk them coming loose or ripping off completely.


You may feel a little strange, picking up a bag in public and smelling it, but the smell of the leather is something you should check before buying a leather bag. For a good quality leather bag, the leather should smell natural. It shouldn’t smell strongly of chemicals or dye.


Give the bag a look over to ensure there aren’t any imperfections. The leather should be smooth and soft, the softer the leather, the better.