Natures Vegan Handbags


What do you call a material that feels soft and tactile, which looks and ages like leather, but isn’t leather?

You call it Piñatex, but you can also call it Pineapple leaves as that is literally what it is.

There has long been a demand for a vegan-friendly, sustainable, durable and stylish material, which can be used and fashioned in the same way as leather, but isn’t leather.
A perfect solution is Piñatex ®, formed from the fibres taken from the pineapple leaves, which can be worked with until they form a leather-like material.
This material is then cut and hand-sewn and made into beautifully designed handbags and satchels, just like leather.

“People are loving that is Vegan, it’s amazing, we’re really pleased that something else is being used, and it’s so easy to work with”

Kelly Martin
Materia Products

Not only is this environmentally-friendly material making use of a surplus product which would normally have been discarded, but it’s also transforming farmers livelihoods, and taking the fashion world by storm.

“I don’t feel we’re jumping on any trend, I feel it’s a personal responsibility to look how we consume products across the board, not just in fashion, and that’s what we want to provide an option for with our clients and customers”

Vyelle Croom
The Original Vegan Satchel Store

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