As one of the main suppliers to The Original Satchel Store we could not be more proud that they have won The Prestige Awards – SATCHEL STORE OF THE YEAR – CAMBRIDGESHIRE.

If you have been keeping up with our latest news, you will be aware of our latest collection of handbags made from a vegan-friendly, sustainable, leather-like material called Piñatex ®, formed from the fibres taken from the pineapple leaves. We have been supplying The Original Satchel Store with these innovative bags, and they are loving them!

We value the relationships we build with our customers, and we take pride in our friendly approach.
The Original Satchel Store were quick to pass on their thanks to us and everyone involved in the making of the handbags at Materia, even suggesting we display the award for the part we have played in them winning it.

Well done to everyone at the Original Satchel Store we agree whole-heartedly with the judge’s comments below:

The judges were impressed with your personal nature, consistency of reviews and care in regards to turning your business vegan. The passion for what do you do really comes across…

Rocky Singh – Project Manager
Cambridgeshire Prestige Awards

You can read for yourself our journey with Piñatex ®. Please contact us if you are interested at all.
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